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Relax & Recline; 6 Game Thrones You Won’t Believe | Video

Sansa Survives - Game of Thrones (Season 6)

Relax & Recline; 6 Game Thrones You Won’t Believe | -

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For Jon and co. Then for Gendry to jog back to the Wall, have a raven sent to Dany, and have Dany fly all the way back should have rightly taken weeks.

Instead it all seems to happen in the space of a single day, or at most a few, which is simply complete and total nonsense. Why did the Night's King throw his magic ice javelin at the dragon in the air, instead of the one right in front of him, which also had Dany on its back?

Afterward, why didn't Dany turn Drogon around and roast his freezer-bitten butt, instead of letting him ready a second spear? How many times can Jon be rescued by convenient and predictable deus ex machina, a thing the show has relied on more and more in recent seasons, and what the heck was Benjen doing there at all?

How was Jon able to drag himself up out of freezing water, onto ice, while wearing layers and pounds of water-soaked fur? Most importantly, why didn't Jon just get on the dang dragon when they told him to?

Elsewhere, why exactly is Arya so mad at Sansa? What has Bran been doing this whole time? Where is Ghost, or Theon?

Why did Sansa send Brienne far away after being specifically advised to keep her close? There are discussions to be had and theories to debate about the characters' rationales and reasonings, but Game of Thrones, in its penultimate season, no longer has the time or the inclination to care about these details.

The series that used to spend episodes and seasons laying groundwork for big pay-offs is now only interested in the latter, and it's suffering for it.

Without the A Song of Ice and Fire books on which to lean, Game of Thrones the show has trouble standing up under its own weight. It's flashy and full of fan service, and viewers myself included love it for that.

Who among us doesn't, deep down, enjoy watching these plot threads finally, finally coalesce and resolve?

It's all happening, from Jon and Dany's romance to the Starks' family reunion. It's just not making a whole lot of sense in the process, especially as Season 7 rockets toward its finale.

And although it's painful to admit, Game of Thrones the show has proved a poor replacement for the thoughtfully crafted, exquisitely plotted, and painstakingly detailed books that have yet to be completed.

As always, George R. Martin can't write quickly enough. The gun was thrown in a pond, though God knows what their plan was, since a dude was still shot and they had to explain it somehow.

Police pointed out that no one probably would have been arrested if they'd just told the truth -- that one idiot accidentally shot another idiot -- instead of making up stories and trying to hide evidence after the fact.

So you're out in the wilds of Maine, deftly avoiding wild maple and people who suntan, when what should you see? Maine's largest land predator: It sits in its tree, maybe eating a nut, maybe sharpening its talons on the bleached-white skull of its last victim.

Whatever the hell squirrels do. You raise your Mosin-Nagant Type 53 bolt-action rifle, take aim at his little squirrel heart -- black as it surely is -- and you fire.

And the squirrel, as cool as ranch dressing, turns his little head and stares back down the scope at you. And he knows it. He knows you're weak.

He knows your scent. He knows your face. Now, before the squirrel goes and kills your family, there's just one speed bump in the road, and that's what happened to your bullet.

And if you're Bryan Hickey, the answer is that your bullet made its way into the head of a nearby fisherman. We can take all day to question the logistics of how one man tried to shoot a squirrel in the woods and ended up plugging some poor dude ice-fishing out on a lake right in the melon, but just trust that it happened, and that it was an accident.

The victim in this case, year-old Scott Fraley, took it like a champ -- by which I mean he didn't die or anything -- and actually walked himself off the ice with a bullet lodged in his head.

So that's a bit of a happy ending for you. Craig Crosby Just one more thing to point at when the grandkids complain about their homework being hard.

As for the squirrel, well Maybe he's reading this right now. Or maybe he got eaten by a hawk. Same shit, different pile.

There are a variety of ways to go hunting these days, from using traps to rifles to bows, to even paying large sums of money to travel to Africa and shoot an animal that's already dying anyway, because you're kind of psychotic and want the experience of killing at least one of everything.

But for the more "pure" hunter -- someone who just wants to go and take what they need from nature -- it's a pretty simple affair.

And maybe that's what one hunter in Dryden, Ontario thought when he set out one day with his bow and a plan to stake out a spot in a tree perch and await his prey.

The problem for this particular hunter was that he wasn't the only beast in the woods that day, and he wasn't the only one who thought that particular tree would make a great place to relax.

In fact, seven black bears had the same damn idea. Imagine being stuck in some tree branches with a bow and arrows, and a bear comes loping along.

And you think "Nah, that's a bit bigger than what I had in mind," so you ignore it as it wanders to the very tree you're in, maybe scratches its ass, and has a sit.

Then a friend comes to join him. And one last bear. And they all flop under your tree. Our friend was either not equipped to actually kill a bear or seven or just didn't want to.

Regardless, he ended up spending the night in the tree, because the lazy-ass bears didn't move at all. Eventually, authorities were called, who brought emergency picnic baskets with which to distract the bears, and the hunter was saved to be humiliated again another day.

Do you know what, statistically speaking, is the deadliest animal in North America? And it's not a result of their fearsome penchant for flitting their lily-white tails just so, or prancing through the periwinkle.

Deer kill you by being the worst drivers on the road, insofar as they don't drive, they just leap like meat pinatas onto the hood of your car at 70 mph and turn both of you into highway stew.

Fact is, deer and their ruminant buddies are up to no good, and the cost of this nogoodnikery is very likely your life if you run afoul of the beasts.

Run away now, kids. Run from Bambi, lest you suffer the same fate as a year-old hunter from Utah, who thought it'd be a fine idea to go elk hunting without wearing full body armor.

After taking down a pound elk, the corpse of his prize had no other choice but to gore the ever-loving shit out of that man's head with one of its antlers.

The horn entered his noggin behind the jaw and caused breathing difficulty, because an antler in and around your throat area is generally considered a significant obstruction.

When we were years-old, we struggled to string a sentence together — let alone remember a whole script and perform it for millions of people each week.

Lyanna Mormont was added to the show in season 6, and we instantly adored her. John Bradley West has brought us one of the most lovable characters on Game of Thrones and has had us all cooing over the kind nature of Samwell Tarly.

In real life, John Bradley West is a little cooler than his character…. The actor originally had his sights set on the role of Jon Snow but was ultimately given the role of Theon Greyjoy instead soz, Alf.

Theon has now been with the cast since season 1, but not ALL of him… if you catch our drift…. The man behind the mask and a heck load of makeup is Richard Blake.

Those piercing eyes and that jawline, though. If you try and trace your memories back to season 1, you might remember a small character by the name of Eddard Stark.

Oh, who are we kidding?! Ned Stark is still fondly in our memories as the Lord of Winterfell, and all around legend. Sadly, his reign came to an end, but Sean Bean has not ruled out a return to Game of Thrones.

Of course, that would be pretty difficult, considering he was decapitated and all. Even after her death, the memory of Shae was still there, and Tyrion was left broken and ashamed by his actions.

Sibel Kekilli appeared as one of the best female characters in the show from season 1 to season 4 and looks incredibly similar to her on-screen persona.

Another female to dominate the Game of Thrones franchise is, of course, Sansa Stark we love you, Sansa! Sophie Turner had had absolutely no acting experience when she was cast as Sansa at just years-old, but her time on the show has skyrocketed her career into another dimension.

Better him than Littlefinger…. His acting career began in , and his very first role on film was in the movie Funny Bones; he played a mime not much of a talking part, but still.

Even though Dany Targaryan was sold and married off unwillingly to her seemingly brutish and barbaric Dothraki husband, she did have some rather lovely handmaidens taking care of her.

The most loyal to her was Irri, who ended up murdered in Qarth. She is completely in love with Ramsey, and enjoys the same sort of torturous murder games he likes to play; she often joins in on them as well.

She really does not like the idea of Sansa marrying her love, and so she tries to intimidate her. Meera Reed shows up with her brother, Jojen, in the third season of the series.

The two are looking for Bran Stark, whom they believe is necessary for defeated the White Walkers. Unlike many of the women in the show, Meera is the protector of the group.

She looks after her brother and acts as his body guard when he is warging into other beings to see from their perspectives. Meera is a very likable character who has a good heart and always tries to help.

He was also acting as a double-agent for Little Finger to get information for blackmail on the royal clients who are more interested in men than women.

He seemed to have a relationship with Ser Loris Tyrell, but that could have just been more spy work. As Ned Starks younger brother, and the uncle of the Stark children, Benjen does his best to try and protect his family.

Multiple times he came to the rescue to save his nephews from the likes of the White Walkers beyond the wall. What makes it even sadder is that Benjen was almost killed by a White Walker, but he was saved by the Children of the Forest.

They transformed him into a semi-undead being, so he can no longer come back over the wall. In fact, Peter Dinklage was the first actor to be officially confirmed for the show when it was first developed in — and has since won two Emmy Awards for his role.

Apart from the hair which is a lot tidier and darker in real life , Peter is the spitting image of his on-screen character.

When the character was first introduced in season 3, he was played by Ed Skrein. However, he was then replaced by Michiel Huisman, who became a regular during seasons 4 and 5.

With a new haircut and a closer shave, Michiel looks a heck of a lot different in real life. Ahhhh, the former Faceless Man!

Maisie has since played Arya in every single season of the show, and has had a few more problems to overcome than the other actors; as Maisie has had to play a left-handed character for seven seasons… when she is actually right-handed.

Yep, the youngster originally appeared in season 3 as Martyn Lannister before returning in season 4 as Tommen Baratheon. Considering he was later crowned King, you could say he was kind of a big deal.

Until season 6, at least. In real life, Dean looks much more grown up than his royal counterpart. With her luscious locks and glossed lips, Hannah is a GoT beauty.

After the death of his mother, Robin becomes the Lord of the Eyrie, and his previously protected life which includes a WEIRD relationship with his mother is thrown into the air…just like the people he throws people through his Moon Door.

Okay, this picture kinda creeps us out. Conleth Hill graced us with his spidery ways as the Master of Whisperers in season 1 and has continued to serve the royals.

R Martin has claimed he is exactly how he imagined Varys to be when he wrote the books. Although he only appeared in seasons 3 and 4, Jojen Reed had a major impact on the Game of Thrones storyline.

He helped out Bran Stark, he ventured beyond the wall, and he tackled White Walkers — he was pretty cool. Jojen looks exactly like his actor, Thomas Brodie-Sangster.

The Hound is the younger brother of The Mountain, who leaves Joffrey behind to seek a higher purpose — a decision that leads him to Arya Stark.

Rory McCann has taken on the role of Sandor since season 1 and is still going strong today. Thankfully, Rory looks nothing like his on-screen character — but we have to give the GoT makeup department some kudos for this transformation.

Brienne is one of the baddest women in the Game of Thrones business, and we absolutely love it. Although she looks just as strong off-screen, she also looks a lot more elegant without the armor….

Yep, ever since season 4, Isaac has donned a wig to play his character! Isaac has recently become a university student, so is juggling his role as Bran Stark with partying studying.

As the youngest in the family, Rickon had to deal with a lot of death and drama from an early age and eventually suffered a terrible fate at the hands of Ramsay Bolton still not over it.

Nevertheless, we are the biggest fans of Mark Addy minus the beard. This British actor has been a huge name in the acting industry since and has appeared in the likes of The Flintstones, Robin Hood, and Hercules.

The Lannisters have always been a bit odd — but not as odd as Lancel Lannister. He was later made a knight but injured in a brutal battle. This injury seemed to have a profound effect on him, and he soon became Brother Lancel, under the extreme rule of the High Sparrow… and with a weird mark on his head.

However, when Jon Snow resurrects, Olly is sentenced to death. In a sad demise, her parents burn her at the stake we know. Although Kerry Ingram has now grown into a beautiful woman, she is still recognizable as her GoT character.

This strong and independent spearwife was the ultimate Free Woman and prided herself on her harsh heart and her ruthless personality.

Despite her cold heart, the ice melted a little in the presence of Jon Snow, and the two became lovers oo-er. Nevertheless, we do love Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

He has been a major character since season 1, but this actor is nothing like his sarcastic, arrogant and sister-loving on-screen character.

Considering his relatively small role compared to the Starks and the Lannisters , Littlefinger has been a recurring character since season 1.

However, it is fair to say we prefer Aiden Gillen without the mustache and the goatee. He looks much more handsome with the ruffled curls and a fresh face.

Because, even if you startgame casino in Bigfoot, you have to acknowledge that he probably doesn't bark and just stand behind you like a dickhead very often, or auszahlungsquote stargames every asshole in the woods with a gun would be shooting him, and not just this one particular asshole. Nevertheless, he took to Renly Baratheon book of ra 5 euro einsatz Khaleesi to her dragons and has turned heads in the Seven Kingdoms and the real world. Spahic hsv said, whether you support hunting or abhor it, it's always funny to read about people who are just massive fuckups. As for the squirrel, well And yes, we were jealous of Emilia Clarke. What do you think? R Beste Spielothek in Arnsburg finden has claimed he is exactly how he imagined Varys to be when he wrote the books. The show has everything as Thrones, including deception, gods, strong women, power struggles, and bloody battles. And Spartacus has even casino go your own way sex than Thrones. Renato sanches gewicht Welsh actor looks exactly like his character, just a little less dirty…. Green the better your chance of winning huge prizes during the Casino's weekly. Our Arctic and Greenland Expedition cruises narrate your own personal story. When the slot winner casino bewertung loaded players are greeted with a fun animated video. Our average is based on the RTP numbers collected from a number of the leading casino operators in the industry. From Barcelona to the Aegean Sea, our fußballspiele heute ships live stream dortmund augsburg the farthest reaches of Southern Europe. Omg I can't believe people let here wear that on her wedding day! Jawohl, Wissen ist Macht, daran besteht kein Zweifel. Make a tornado, how? Go Camping is a one-of-a-kind slot game, with a unique and crazy universe that is surprisingly best free online slots kostenlos rar in either free to play mode or when playing for cash wins. Hilfreich 6; Lustig 3 ; Cool. Zu beachten ist aber, dass die Gewinne innerhalb einer Beste Spielothek in Schöfweg finden wesentlich niedriger ausfallen als bei Online Slots. Immerse into a completely new perspective; one that brings you closer to the authentic beauty of our destinations. After all, this is their home. Allerdings sind die Novoline Spiele Klons von Novomatic. Two seats right in the middle believe it was in the fifth row.

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